Vegan in Prague Ebook 2024


  • Where should I go for vegan food near Old Town Square that isn’t a tourist trap?

  • Where can I go for veganized Czech food?

  • Who has the best vegan burger in Prague?

  • Which restaurant is best for a vegan brunch?

All these questions, and more are answered in the 55+ page ebook, “Vegan in Prague”.



View of Prague from Kampa

Ebook with 60 pages of all my tips on being vegan in Prague.

Why I’m the Right Person to Answer Those Questions

Trust me, I’ve been a tourist in Prague. So, I know exactly how that feels.

When I first visited, over seven years ago, I though that Prague wasn’t vegan friendly at all. That’s because every restaurant I saw was advertising nothing but meaty dishes. I honestly thought I was in big trouble for a few days.

The weird thing about Prague is it’s incredibly vegan friendly. BUT you have to know where to look.  Unlike some European cities like Berlin and Malmo, regular restaurants in Prague don’t serve vegan food. Full stop. 

On the other hand, there are over 50 fully vegan restaurants in Prague. So, there is a LOT to choose from, but they aren’t all worth visiting. If you’re spending only a few days in Prague, you really shouldn’t waste precious time on crappy vegan food.

Vegan in Prague Ebook to the Rescue!

That’s where the “Vegan in Prague” ebook and I enter the scene! I’ve lived in Prague for over eight years. I’ve poured everything I know about the vegan food and shopping scene into the ebook so you don’t have to do the research!

You’ll have everything you need to know about visiting Prague as a vegan in one handy ebook. It includes lists of the best places to go for vegan pizza, burgers, brunch, and more.

Plus, a breakdown of the best vegan restaurants, vegetarian restaurants, and vegan friendly restaurants in the city.

There’s even a guide to vegan shopping (groceries and clothing) in this ebook

Finally, I’ve added a section to the end with the addresses and websites of every single business listed in the ebook. So yeah, I don’t think it could be any easier than that!

Table of Contents:

  • About This Book & Veggie Visa
  • Useful Resources
  • Vegan in Prague Guide
  • General Info About Prague: Phrases, Location, Currency, Emergency Numbers, Safety, and more!
  • Eating Out in Prague
    • Where to Go for What – My Favorites (Burgers, Czech Food, Special Occasions, Vegan Pubs, Breakfast/Brunch Spots, Asian Food, Desserts, Donuts, Old Town Restaurants, Neighborhoods
    • Best Vegan Restaurants in Prague
    • Best Vegan Restaurants in Prague
    • Best Vegan Friendly Restaurants in Prague
  • Vegan Shopping
  • Food Delivery Options
  • Vegan Events & Groups
  • Addresses
  • Thanks!

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